• Image of Reclaimed, Artisan Enduro Pic Stick™

Tired of leaning your bike on shit when you need to post a sick ‘gram? Or even worse, there are no trees or rocks around and you have to hold your bike up like a doofus while making sure you’re not in the frame. We’ve been there, and feel your pain. Lucky for you, our reclaimed, artisan Enduro Pic Stick™ is exactly what you need to show your friends that yes, you indeed went for an epic afternoon bike ride and have the pics to prove it.

Each reclaimed, artisan Enduro Pic Stick™ is made of wood that has fallen from trees, and has been hand selected and tested for maximum bike support and gram-ability. No two are alike (they are artisan after all) so actual weight, color, and size will vary. Compatible with all wheel sizes and standards.